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Welcome to BladeSports International, Inc™.

BladeSports International Inc.™ is a Texas non-profit corporation formed to promote knife safety, provide workshops and cutting events for its members, and to inform and educate the public with regard to the safe use of a knife as a tool.

Always use extreme caution when handling knives and never attempt competitive cutting practice without proper training and supervision.

Contact BladeSports for more information about this exciting sport.



Latest News
The List is out! GOOD LUCK to all those who qualified!
Qualified for Nationals
1. Gary Bond
2. Jim Cottingham
3. Jessica Elias
4. Mike Eubanks
5. Mike Henninger
6. Dan Keffeler
7. Luke Stallsmith
8. Dennis Mashburn
9. Donavon Phillips
10. Dwight Schoneweis
11. Brad Stallsmith
12. Chris Warden
13. Scott Wickham, Jr.
2013 World Champion
Dan Keffeler

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